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Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) CyCloud

Your UCaaS: FedRAMP-authorized and Delivered on CyCloud - The Secure Enterprise Cloud.

Why Secure UCaaS is increasingly important:

The UCaaS market is enjoying robust growth driven by the migration to cloud-based communications platforms. Delivering UCaaS is becoming more complex and competition is increasing. Unified Communications platforms are a gateway for cyber attacks into any organization.

CyLogic offers UCaaS providers a two-step path for delivering FedRAMP UCaaS:

(1) CyLogic collaborates with the UCaaS provider to implement all required security controls and manages the process to achieve FedRAMP security and compliance.

(2) The UCaaS provider delivers its services on the UCaaS CyCloud, a Secure Enterprise Cloud built specifically for optimal security and performance of UCaaS products.


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Why do UCaaS Providers choose the FedRAMP UCaaS CyCloud?

New Markets

Federal agencies and an increasing number of enterprises now require FedRAMP security and compliance standards


the highest security level available, vetted and continuously monitored by an independent government-approved third party

Fast UCaaS

Edge-cloud means single-digit millisecond response performance

Disaster Recovery built in

Redundancy is a key FedRAMP requirement, ensuring optimal performance even during regional service disruptions

Save money

Rapid and seamless FedRAMP process for your UCaaS software


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