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Technology has empowered manufacturers in numerous ways as companies have become increasingly dependent on computerized systems. As a result, cybersecurity has emerged as a crucial aspect of protecting companies’ vital data, intellectual property and daily operations.

Why should manufacturing companies upgrade to CyCloud: The Secure Enterprise Cloud?


Safeguard your company’s Industrial Control Systems (ICS), vital data, and intellectual property


the standard of the Department of Defense (DOD) for protecting data


Solid foundation for your complex integrated network and third parties interactions

Manufacturing: Intellectual Property and Cybersecurity

According to the U.S. Department for Homeland Security, manufacturing is second only to the energy sector for the number of cyber attacks.

Other studies report that the manufacturing industry is dramatically under-investing in the best practices of cybersecurity.

The global, digitized and networked supply chains that support the manufacturing industry are creating vulnerabilities that are complex to secure.

One recent attack on a major global pharmaceutical company resulted in halting production of drugs and inability to fulfill orders. They reported that the breach impacted 2017 sales by $260 million and was likely to have an impact of $200 million on 2018 revenues.

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