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Banking and Financial Services

The Banking and Financial Services Industry is the backbone of the economy and is built around confidence and trust in both the institution and the system. In essence these are data companies guarding their customers most valuable information and resources.

Why should Banks and Financial Services companies upgrade to CyCloud: The Secure Enterprise Cloud?


Far exceeds all commercial regulatory requirements including PCI and NYDFS


Solid foundation of security for your most sensitive data even in emergency situations


Provides the highest protection for customers’ account and identity information

How to secure your customers’ trust?

The Financial Services Industry is targeted by cybersecurity attackers 300 times more frequently than other industries.

Financial firms are spending on average $3,000 per employee reflecting a three fold increase in the last four years to combat the surge of state level attacks on their data.

Recent breaches of major financial service providers including Equifax, Capital One and HSBC illustrate that even for the largest companies a new paradigm for cloud cybersecurity is required.

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