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CyCloud is a VMware based, FedRAMP HIGH Ready Cloud Infrastructure, assessed by Fortreum as:

“Strictly align[ed] with FedRAMP High requirements... for commercial entities seeking the highest level of cloud services and cybersecurity capabilities"

Why CyCloud?

CyLogic’s flagship offering, CyCloud is a FedRAMP HIGH Ready Enterprise Cloud that far exceeds the security requirements for all commercially-regulated industries (PCI, HIPAA and more) and delivers a higher level of security than any public cloud provider.

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The CyCloud Difference

CyLogic delivers the ease of use of a PUBLIC CLOUD, the data control of a PRIVATE CLOUD, and a higher level of security than any public cloud provider.


A higher level of security than any public cloud provider


CyLogic gives you full control and visibility of your data


The ease of use of a public cloud - with higher security

Predictable Costs

Accurately budget with bills that make sense - and no surprises


FedRAMP High Ready - The highest government standard for secure clouds

Edge Computing

Access your data faster, cheaper and closer to home - at the edge

Is your data safe on the cloud?
Can you have it all?
Find out now

Enterprises are struggling to acquire the benefits of the cloud while protecting their data, their companies and their shareholders against risks and attacks.  Can you have it all?

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CyLogic’s international Data Hubs

Keep your Data Close. Globally.

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