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Leverage The Benefits Of Edge Computing With CyCloud

In the past decade, services and systems have been moving to the public cloud: a centralized infrastructure that provides rapid scalability and ease of use. However, public cloud centralization comes with various costs including the requirement that data travels great distances for every action. Latency problems mean low performance as well as higher costs as public cloud providers charge for every data movement.

As customers need to interact with data in real-time, waiting on a data center many miles away often creates challenges. Latency matters. Many companies would prefer to get cloud-friendly technologies on their systems rather than moving all their data to a centralized cloud and rewriting applications.

To achieve this, cloud capabilities must be distributed across the network—where the traffic is. This is known as the Edge Cloud. With the Edge Cloud, computing is completed at or near the source of the data, instead of relying on transporting data to a centralized data center to do all the work. The cloud isn’t disappearing—it is coming to you.

Cloud capabilities must be distributed across the network—where the traffic is

As a global enterprise or service provider, you need to remove the distance between your users, your cloud services, ecosystem partners, and customers. CyCloud allows you  to meet the high-performance and low-latency demand needs of the modern enterprise.  

As you transform your architecture to become digital ready, CyLogic can optimize your network to reduce costs and improve scale across strategic locations, simplifying hybrid multi cloud access, distributing security controls to manage risk, or distributing data and analytics to optimize edge computing needs. You require a high-availability and scalable platform.

Future data volumes require a data-first approach to cloud computing— as opposed to the move-your-data-to-the-Cloud strategy of the past decade and embracing a move-the-Cloud-to-your-data approach either on-premises or near-premises—at the edge.

Future data volumes require a data-first approach to cloud computing

As data quantity grows exponentially, database-driven applications, workforce efficiency, business intelligence applications, highly sensitive data and intellectual property, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and a host of other data-intensive and sensitive applications all work optimally in a decentralized computing power model. This means the vast majority of data (over 90%) must stay local, not transitioned to the public cloud. 

Benefits of CyCloud’s Edge Computing approach: 

  1. Get your data faster: you can’t overcome the laws of physics.  Edge cloud means getting data quickly—in single digit milliseconds. By bringing compute, storage, data management, and control back to the edge, we minimize inherent latency and reduce unnecessary data movements that decrease efficiency. 
  2. Keep your data closer: Rapidly deployable in a global network of high-speed interconnected data centers ensuring optimal performance across the globe.
  3. Keep your data safe: Less data travel means lower costs and fewer security risks. 


IT has undergone a tremendous shift to a cloud-first mentality in recent years enabling new agility and flexibility. But it doesn’t overcome physics—the weight of data and the speed of light. As recent technology trends such as IoT and 5G become even more important, the Edge Cloud will provide the data when you want it without the latency. Get fast, local, secure data with CyCloud.

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