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Law Firms

Clients trust law firms with their most confidential and sensitive data. Given the depth of detail, volume, and the confidential nature of the data they hold, law firms are required to meet the highest standard of cybersecurity.

Why should law firms upgrade to CyCloud: The Secure Enterprise Cloud?


Far exceeds the ABA framework - provide your clients the cybersecurity protection required by the Department of Defense


Protect your clients' privacy and sensitive non-public information in your custody


Secure your confidential data from leaks and unauthorized access

Law firms - “a one-stop shop for hackers”

A Law firm’s reputation is built on providing trusted services and ensuring the confidentiality of clients' information. Maintaining highly secure data environments is not simply a “best practice” but a necessity to manage significant potential liability. 

One in four law firms has admitted a cybersecurity breach with some of them making global headlines. This is likely the tip of the iceberg.

Recently, a breach left one of the top US law firms inactive for several days with lawyers struggling to retrieve files for more than a week.

The former head of the FBI’s cyber branch in New York was quoted in Law.Com that “law firms are a top target among hackers because of the client information they possess - ‘They are a one-stop shop for hackers’.”

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