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CyCloud Hosting

Host your workloads on CyCloud - The Secure Enterprise Cloud

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CyCloud Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas)

A self-service cloud infrastructure, built for your business critical applications and data. CyCloud integrates leading technologies at the highest US government security standards. 

CyCloud Platform as a Service (PaaS)

CyCloud’s hosted development kits, database tools, and application management capabilities allow you to securely build, deploy and launch applications. Minimize long-term investment and the reliance on back-end software development. 

CyCloud Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Enterprise-class data backup and management. Whether you use legacy software, cloud applications or online channels - seamlessly backup and manage your data in a cloud-native structure, with fully-isolated resources, operating with speed, security, agility, and availability (100% SLA).

CyCloud Disaster Recovery (DRaaS)

CyCloud DRaaS replicates your most sensitive workloads and data to a unique and a redundant secure data center. CyCloud allows you to meet the toughest compliance requirements and ensure business continuity even in extreme conditions. The recovery process is agile and can be crafted to meet your business and compliance needs.

Hybrid cloud integration services

The CyLogic platform provides a solid foundation for the hybrid cloud experience via direct connectivity from CyCloud deployments to other major cloud providers including Amazon, Microsoft Azure, IBM, HPE and others. This direct connect capability provides private point-to-point bandwidth that can be provisioned and de-provisioned in minutes and does not traverse the Internet – eliminating the bandwidth limitations of Internet-delivered hybrid cloud including cost, unpredictability, and inherent security risks.

Cloud transition services

CyLogic provides a phased-based approach to true, highly secure, digital transformation to CyCloud, The Secure Enterprise Cloud. CyLogic helps enterprises to shift from legacy systems to the cloud, streamlining not just operations, but operating costs. From strategy to security, migration to maintenance, our complete lifecycle of cloud services ensures you’re always one step ahead.

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CyCloud For SaaS Companies

Deliver your SaaS on the FedRAMP HIGH Ready CyCloud

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UCaaS CyCloud

Deliver your UCaaS solution on a cloud built for speed and security

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CMMC CyCloud

Frictionless and immediate compliance far exceeding any proposed new DOD regulations

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