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Considered to be the most critical infrastructure in the world, the energy sector encounters not only cyber-criminals but also sophisticated state sponsored attacks as part of the global cyber conflict.

Why should companies in the energy sector upgrade to CyCloud: The Secure Enterprise Cloud?


Far exceeds the NERC-CIP and the DOE’s C2M2 requirements


The highest protection for your industrial control systems (ICS) and consumer data


Modernize the organization and securely work with third parties

Cybersecurity for the energy sector

Energy is one of the top three sectors targeted for attack in the United States. These attacks are evolving in their level of sophistication, invasiveness, complexity and success rate across the entire kill chain.

Power companies are among the most frequently attacked targets by nation-state actors with the goal to disrupt or to achieve future destruction capability of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) that could be triggered as an act of war.

The Dragonfly attack on Ukraine's power system in 2015 and 2016, as well as the breaches of Duke Energy and Salt Lake City-based sPower accentuate the need for top cyber security in the energy sector

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